lunes, 27 de enero de 2014

Education in Poland: Grading System

Hi! five more exams and I'll be finished all my exams this term, and at this point I've realised that I haven't talk about the grading sysyem they use here:

"The university-level education uses a numeric system of grades from 2 to 5, with most grades including 0.5 point increments: 2.0 is failing grade, 3.0 is the lowest passing grade, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 follow, and 5.0 is the highest grade. There is no grade 2.5."
In Spain we use a 10-point grading scale: 10-9 Excellent (Sobresliente); 8 Very good with few errors (Notable Alto); 7 good with some errors (Notable bajo); 6 satisfactory with many erros (Bien); 5 sufficient (Aprobado) and from 0 to 4 Fail.

In my faculty, in Spain, if we fail an exam (on February or June) our next chance to pass it is in September. However, here they have a retake session in February-March for the first semester and then the summer semester retake session in September.

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