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Visiting Wrocław

Here you have the English version of my trip to Wrocław. All I can say about this city is that I love it since the moment I saw the main square and its dwarf! (yap.. dwarfs!! I will tell you how they arrived and who are them) It’s a really charming and beautiful place… It was love at first sight.

All these colorful buildings surround the square and they were built after the WWII and with different styles. Next to them we can find the City Hall- Ratusz and as you can see is quite impressive because of its size and its Baroque style. The first city hall was built in the 13th century but later on different elements were added such as the tower; from the Renaissance architecture; and some medieval sculptures. For 4zl (1€ aprox) you can visit it and get into the tower.

If, you are going on December,like me, you can find an adorable Christmas street market where you can taste typical polish sweets and dishes, drink hot wine and buy some Christmas presents.

Next to Rynek you can see St Elizabeth’s Church that was built between the 14th and the 15th century. It was a protestant church until the WWII and it has an 80m tower from where you can see the entire city and it costs 5zl.

Another important building to take into acount is the University of Wrocław. It is quite astonished. It was built between 1728 and 1742 when the city was under Prussia rule. It has 4 rooms but the most important one is the Aula Leopoldina with its Baroque style that you can see in the pic; and we were told that they still use it to teach.

One must place to see in Wrocław is the Wyspa Piaskowa (Sand Island); you can get there through the Most Piaskowy bridge and in there you can see the most historical buildings of the city: St Ann’s church, the University Library and a Gothic church.

There is a green bridge called "Most Tumski" which takes you to Ostrów Tumski; and as you can see the bridge is full of padlocks put there by the couples.

Once there, you should visit Wrocław Cathedral build in the year 1000; however it was destroyed several times, especially during WWII when it was completely destroyed. You can visit the tower for just 4zl.

 Other import parts of the city are the (Ogród Botaniczny) Botanical garden; the National Museum (Muzeum Narodowe): The oldest collections stem from previous German museums and certain sacral objects of Wrocław and the Lower Silesia, as well as from Lvov collections conveyed to Poland in 1946 by the then Ukrainian authorities; The Muzeum Archidiecezjalne; The Raclawicka Panorama: is a monumental cycloramic painting depicting the Battle of Racławice, during the Kościuszko Uprising. It is currently located in Wrocław, Poland. The painting is one of only a few preserved relics of a genre of 19th century mass culture, and the oldest in Poland. The panorama stands in a circular fashion and, with the viewer in the center, presents different scenes at various viewing angles. The price is 7zl but Wednesday the entrance is free.

I’m sure that after being walking for several hours your body needs energy; in Rynek you can find different kinds of restaurants: Italian, Mexican and Spanish food… But let me recommend you PIEROGARNIA: it’s next to the city hall, polish tasty food and cheaper.

Do you want to know the dwarfs' secret? click here and find it out!

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